Extending Battery Run Time of the Sega Genesis Nomad

The Sega Genesis Nomad also known as the Sega Nomad is a battery-portable, handheld version of the Sega Genesis with an integrated color screen, controller, and speaker. This version of the Genesis was not that popular, however due to it being released in 1995 around the same time as the Sega Saturn. The power supply […]

The Low Self Discharge NiMh Cell or How Rechargeable batteries are now ready for Prime time

Rechargeable batteries in standard household sizes have been on the market for decades they all have their problems. NiCd had issues with chargers and the misunderstood memory effect. Rechargeable Alkaline can’t fully recharge, is limited in number of charge cycles, and usually fails by leaking. Traditional NiMh has a self discharge problem and charging is […]

JFK Ultramarathon It’s going to be Cold

Every year we have a local ultramarathon named after President Kennedy. During this event the local amateur radio club is called to provide safety communications. Amateurs throughout the area including myself volunteer for radio communications for this race. I am stationed at the second aid station at the top of a mountain. After my bitter […]