Extending Battery Run Time of the Sega Genesis Nomad

The Sega Genesis Nomad also known as the Sega Nomad is a battery-portable, handheld version of the Sega Genesis with an integrated color screen, controller, and speaker. This version of the Genesis was not that popular, however due to it being released in 1995 around the same time as the Sega Saturn. The power supply can be either a standard Genesis 2 or Game Gear AC adapter, a Sega rechargeable battery or 6 AA alkaline cells.

When I bought mine I only had the AA battery pack, most of my Genesis stuff is is storage so I purchased a few games that I knew were not duplicates of ones that I already own, but battery life is a problem as I don’t have an AC adapter. But remember, this isn’t 1995 anymore. We have better battery options.

Without going into too much of a detailed project we can modernize the battery for the Genesis Nomad with what I have on hand. After some research, the official Sega rechargeable pack was 7.2 volts and we know this was a NiCd pack. A 7.2 volt nominal NiCd pack is 6 cells in series which is identical to the Alkaline pack.

This means we have two easy modernization options without building custom packs. First, if you do wish to use primary cells, Energizer’s Ultimate Lithium will provide significantly more power to the Nomad than Alkaline cells. Of course with primary cells you do have the purchase cost and disposal to deal with for each change. But, we have a better option, remember the 7.2 volts and 6 cells I mentioned above.

That’s right, this is perfect for using Panasonic’s Eneloop cells which is something I use all the time. Since I don’t play games that often I would not benefit from higher capacity NiMh cells as self discharge would play a significant role in usability.

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