Yikes! End of the year already?

Yep, it is the end of the year already. It appears that I didn’t generate much content again this year. It looks like I really need to get up to doing some more blog content.

This year I didn’t have much time or money to work on a lot of projects due to falling and breaking my leg last year. In fact, when I last updated the blog, I was still using a crutch to get around quite a bit.

I moved this blog to WordPress back in February in the hopes of generating more content and moving away from Google. Well I moved away from Google, got my SSL enabled blog. That was good, I didn’t get the content up and running like I had planned, content usually is my biggest problem with these things anyway.

I did the usual things with the radio club this year, I attended the hamfest in early May and Field Day at the end of June. I need to get the film from Field Day processed so I can get those photos. I actually have photos from 2017’s Field Day on slides. I still need to show those to the radio club.

My 2019 is going to be a bit different than in years past. I won’t get into the details right now, but things are looking good in 2019.

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